RAWALPINDI, Pakistan -- Pakistani police briefly arrested a visiting US hip-hop group after accusing one of the group's members of taking photographs of sensitive installations in the northern city of Rawalpindi, Pakistani television network Geo TV reported Wednesday.

The members of the group FEW Collective were attending a musical performance at a local university when they were stopped and briefly detained.

The six members of the group, a US officer, Pakistani staff from the embassy and Pakistani musicians were detained for about an hour on a military base, a US embassy spokesman told AFP.

"While one of the performers may have taken a photograph while traveling in an embassy vehicle on a public road, no sensitive installations were visible from the vehicle," the US embassy said.

"The performer was not aware of restrictions placed on photography in or near the cantonment and had no intention of taking photographs of sensitive Pakistani government or military installations."

Geo TV reported that police destroyed the images before releasing the group.