Colombia's inspector general on Monday ratified his order ousting Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro from the nation's second most important political post.

Inspector General Alejandro Ordonez also confirmed his earlier decree that Petro be banned from elected office for 15 years. The statement was posted on Ordonez's official website.

Supporters of the mayor massed in front of city hall to attack the ruling.

It was not immediately clear who would take over the job of running the Colombian capital of 8 million people.

Petro has no further recourse of appeal at home. He has asked the Inter-American Human Rights Commission to intervene.

Ordonez announced Petro's removal in December, saying the 53-year-old mayor overstepped his constitutional authority by trying to fire private waste-hauling contractors during a 2012 garbage collection dispute.

Petro, a former rebel with the M-19 movement, called his ouster politically motivate and said it could endanger peace talks the government is holding in Cuba with Colombia's main leftist rebel group.