One-Stop Shop for Illegal Immigrants Uncovered in London

LONDON -- A crooked businessman who boasted of running a one-stop shop for illegal immigrants in the UK was exposed Tuesday by The Sun.

Bhavin Shah boasted to an undercover reporter that he can smuggle people into the UK, arrange weddings to keep them in the country and guarantee no-show college places so they can pose as students while working full time.

And he insisted, "If you want to bring someone from India here, I can get a man from India for $4,780."

A Sun investigator posed as a construction boss who needed to keep his illegal staff in the UK with sham marriages and dodgy student visas.

Shah, who said he had been operating the scam for 12 years, showed the reporter a website of a London IT and management college licensed by the UK Border Agency where "staff" would be enrolled.

He laughed that they would have to attend college only once "to see the place" and "know the address."

Shah showed off a book of 1,600 clients signed on as students since January and said that "every one" of them was working instead of studying.

He also said that he would arrange an English-language pass certificate for those who did not speak the language and that he offered a £12,000 service providing fake brides to help illegals stay in the UK.