OMG! 'Muffin Top' Made It Into the Oxford English Dictionary

OXFORD, England -- Here's some news that might just make you LOL. The Oxford English Dictionary Thursday added popular buzz words OMG and LOL to its revised online edition.

OMG -- an abbreviation for "oh my God" -- and LOL -- short for "laugh out loud" -- have long been used by the younger generation in text messages and online social networking sites including Facebook.

The expressions were selected for publication in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online along with other popular terms IMHO (in my humble opinion), TMI (too much information) and BFF (best friends forever).

Other new additions to the dictionary include FYI (for your information) and WAG -- an abbreviation for wives and girlfriends -- used mainly by media to describe partners of sportsmen.

Muffin top, which describes the protuberance of fat above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers, also made the cut.

And for the first time in its 127-year history the dictionary has added a symbol with the introduction of a picture of a heart -- made famous by the "I 'heart' NY" tourism campaign -- used as a verb meaning "love."

"It is remarkable to see how much the environment has changed over the 10 years since the OED first went online," OED's chief editor John Simpson said.