Officials Embarrassed to Give Woman $4 Korean War Compensation

Bound by an outdated law, South Korean officials say they are embarrassed to offer a woman $4 in government compensation for the death of her brother during the 1950-53 Korean War, Reuters reports.

The family had not received any compensation until April, when the soldier's sister, who was 2 years old when her brother was killed in combat in 1950,  was awarded 5,000 won ($4.33).

The woman only came to realize that she had a brother when a neighbor told her of his death. Their mother suffered from dementia, Reuters reports.

The presidential Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission has urged the government to review the war-time law, saying the decision is "incomprehensible."

"We hope that this case will lead to forming a system of adequately compensating the families of Korean War veterans who continue to live with deep pain," the commission said.

About 140,000 South Korean soldiers were killed in combat and as many as 130,000 are missing in action according to the Defense Ministry, Reuters reports.