Nota Loca: Peruvian Environmentalist Is No Typical Tree Hugger

The old saying is that marriage is like a tree and it needs roots to grow.

Well, what happens when you marry a tree?

That's exactly what one Peruvian environmental activist recently did when he tied the knot with a tree in a strange ceremony in Argentina.

Richard Torres, activist, actor and Johnny Depp doppelganger, walked down the aisle to wed his woody sweetheart as an act to raise awareness for environmental concerns.

In front of a crowd of friends, family and bemused onlooker, Torres placed a symbolic offering in front of the tree before exchanging vows and switching "tree" rings.

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He then consummated the marriage by giving his new bride a key as the crowd cheered the new arboreal odd couple.

The tree overlooks a nice pond and could provide nice location for a tree house.

Torres is no stranger to making headlines. In 2012, he was arrested in his native Peru after protesting naked for environmental reasons.

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