Norwegian police evacuated a school in the western city of Bergen on Tuesday following a threat of a massacre emailed to a newspaper.

Police evacuated 520 teachers and students from the school to a nearby sports facility after authorities received a copy of a threat against Gimle Skole — a high school Norway's second largest city.

The threat, which was originally sent to the Norwegian daily VG, mentioned a weapon that "is safely stored and ready for action" and said that Muslims would be targeted in the attack.

Police spokeswoman Gry Halseth said police had searched the school and found nothing suspicious. Students and faculty could return to the school later in the afternoon, she said.

"We have dozens of nationalities represented at the school, but the majority of the students have a Norwegian background," said Anne-Marit Presterud, who is responsible for the Bergen school district.

There have been no threats against the school in the past, she said.

No one has been arrested so far, police said.