Newly single lotto winner flaunts $13M prize weeks after breakup

An unemployed Brit says his ex-girlfriend must be “gutted” that he’s scooped up more than $13 million in lottery winnings — just over a month after the two broke up, according to a report.

Paul Long, 55, of Wickford, Essex, split amicably with his partner of five years, Julie West, 52, when he moved out of their shared home on Feb. 1, The Mirror reported.

Then on Saturday, Long won about £9.3 million — just over $13 million — off a “Lucky Dip” ticket, according to the report.

“Let’s be honest, if I was with someone and you’ve just split up, and they go and win £9 million on the lottery, you’re going to be gutted, aren’t you?” Long told The Mirror.

Long insisted, however, that West won’t be completely cut off from his new fortune.

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