Netanyahu spent $1,600 on hairdresser on New York trip

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A newly released expense report shows that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent more than $600,000 of public funds on a six-day trip to New York, including $1,600 on a personal hairdresser.

The trip to the U.N. General Assembly last fall also included $210 in laundry services, $1,862 in meals and nearly $20,000 to move and store furniture.

Attorney Shachar Ben Meir obtained the expense report after suing Netanyahu's office and the foreign ministry.

He said Thursday that "it's my money and I want to know what is being done with it."

The report doesn't include charges for Netanyahu's wife Sara.

The couple has gained a reputation for enjoying a lavish lifestyle out of touch with common Israelis. Sara Netanyahu is being investigated for inflated spending and misusing state funds.