Names of nine biker gang members killed in Waco released by police

Officials in the Waco Police Department have released the names of the nine members of the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle gangs who were killed in the melee at the Central Texas Marketplace on Sunday.

Preliminary autopsy reports show Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65; Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40; Daniel Boyett, 44; Wayne Lee Campbell, 43; Richard Jordan, 31; Richard Kirschner Jr., 47; Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39; Charles Russell, 46; and Matthew Smith, 27, were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, neck or torso, according to USA Today. The causes of death are all listed as homicide.

On the WPD Facebook page, the department announced at midnight Tuesday that Central Texas Marketplace stores would reopen Wednesday morning – with the notable exception of the Twin Peaks restaurant where the violence first broke out.

Of the 18 injured in the incident, seven remained in the hospital, according to USA Today, all of whom were in stable condition, Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told the newspaper.

More than 170 people were arrested after the firefight, with authorities fearing retaliatory acts of violence.

"We would ask that there be some kind of truce between whatever motorcycle gangs are involved," Swanton told USA Today. "We ask them to be peaceful and let the violence stop."

The altercation apparently broke out after one group of bikers occupied an outdoor portion of the restaurant, and a rival group got too close, Swanton said.

Fighting broke out and spilled into the main dining area where, apparently, gunshots were first fired.

Police said more than 100 weapons were confiscated, including hand guns, knives, chains and brass knuckles.

A full investigation of Sunday’s events could take "weeks, if not months," officials warned.

Twin Peaks has 76 locations in the United States. The chain announced that it will end its “bike night” promotion at all of its franchises.

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