N.Korea starts anniversary parade

North Korea on Saturday staged a major military parade to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War ceasefire, watched over by leader Kim Jong-Un, state television showed.

Thousands of troops and spectators roared "Protect Kim Jong-Un with our lives" when the youthful leader appeared on the podium, flanked by top party and military leaders at Pyongyang's sprawling Kim Il-Sung square.

The spectacle was preceded by thousands of goose-stepping soldiers marching onto the square, with military bands leading the procession.

Kim Jong-Un, wearing a dark Mao suit, walked on a red carpet leading up to the podium, as guards saluted him and a military band played in the background.

The overcast sky was decorated with large banners slung under gas-filled balloons, while the square was festooned with North Korean flags.