Moroccan militant cell with kidnap agenda got weapons through Spanish enclave, says police

Morocco's newly formed investigation unit has announced that the militant cell it dismantled Sunday obtained its weapons through the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations — a Moroccan counterpart to the FBI — busted a militant network in several cities planning on kidnapping civilian and military leaders.

Police recovered six handguns and ammunition from the leader's hideout in the southern coastal town of Agadir.

Abdelkader Khiyam, the bureau's director, said Monday the weapons came into Morocco through Melilla.

He also displayed plastic handcuffs to be used in the kidnapping, as well as mobile phones and computers seized from the 13 arrested.

Khiyam said 1,354 Moroccans are believed to have gone to fight with extremist groups in Syria and Iraq.