Miss Universe 2015, Colombian beauty Paulina Vega, says that she is in the ready to help out in whichever way she can to foster peace in her home country.

In a statement to Fox News Latino, Vega responded to an invitation posted over the weekend by the FARC peace delegation headquartered in Havana, Cuba.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are a guerilla organization involved in a continuing armed conflict since 1964.

"We have read with interest your desire to contribute with your good works to reaching peace," the online statement read. "We salute your willingness to travel to Havana, and we invite you to … visit to update you about the development of the peace talks, the progress and the enormous contribution that you and the majorities who desire peace can make."

Vega's representatives told Fox News Latino that they were not certain about whether or not any such visit by Vega, 22, would be permitted by the pageant’s guidelines for a reigning Miss Universe.

However, she is very much willing to lend a hand to her country.

"I remain ready and willing to assist in any and all areas that will help promote further peace, stability and progress," Vega said in her emailed statement to FNL.

“The security of my country and peace within our borders remains a very big concern for me, my family, and all Colombians," she added.

"Throughout my year as Miss Universe, I will travel the globe and I plan to act as an ambassador for my country, promoting Colombian culture and all of the opportunities that it has to offer," the statement read.

"That said, the main representative of Colombia is President Santos. If he and the Colombian government think I can be of any help, I remain ready."

The negotiations began late in 2012 and have yet to see a major breakthrough.

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