Miami man with half a head faces attempted murder and arson charges

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The mug shot of a Miami man with half a head is setting the internet on fire.

Carlos Rodriguez, 31, was arrested in Miami for arson and attempted murder. At 14-years-old, Rodriguez was in a horrific car accident that permanently deformed his skull, and made his head to appear to be cut in half.

According to police reports, Rodriquez was in his backyard Monday after intentionally setting his mattress on fire while two tenants were inside the duplex attached to his house.
Rodriguez was set to appear in court on Tuesday, but his trial was rescheduled over concerns for his mental health.

He is currently being held on $20,000 bail.

Rodriguez, known by his nickname “halfy,” was high at the time of his teen accident. He was reportedly driving a stolen car with his cousin. The car hit a pole, and Rodriguez was sent hurdling through the windshield, landing on his head.

According to the Miami New Times, two years ago Rodriguez was arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute for $80 from an undercover detective.

In the video below from 2012 (warning language not suitable for children) Rodriguez explains how he was injured in the car accident and his drug use.

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