Mexicans march on 1-year anniversary of 43 students' disappearance

Thousands of people are marking the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students with a march through Mexico City, in an atmosphere of defiant hope.

Activists said Saturday the movement might bring justice for Mexico's disappeared, though only two of the students' remains have been identified.

While the march was smaller than past demonstrations, the case has served to publicize the thousands who have gone missing since Mexico's drug war started in 2006.

Peace and anti-crime activist Maria Guadalupe Vicencio, 45, wore a skirt made of a Mexican flag splattered with fake blood. The names of three disappeared activists from her violence-plagued home state of Tamauilpas were written across her shirt.

Vicencio said the students' movement "sets an example for all Mexicans to wake up, and not be silent."