Members of radical French group dismantled in 2012 on trial for allegedly planning terror acts

Members of a radical Islamic group that French prosecutors allege planned attacks similar to those earlier this year on a Kosher grocery store and a satirical newspaper have gone on trial.

Mohamed Achamlane, leader of Forsane Alizza, or Knights of Pride, was among group members before the court on Monday. At least one of the 15 accused was missing.

The group was dismantled amid a crackdown on radicals shortly after the 2012 killing spree in southern France by Mohamed Merah, who attacked a Jewish school and soldiers.

Among locations listed in a computer file marked "targets" of Forsane Alizza were multiple Kosher groceries and the magazine Charlie Hebdo, scenes of January attacks that killed 20, including three gunmen. There are no known links between the group and the attackers.