A 63-year-old man on trial for his ex-wife's murder says she begged him not to kill her moments before he stabbed her to death, on the day of her divorce party.

Brian Jones admits killing Katrina Jones, 34, but says he was provoked by the celebration -- which included posters and balloons at the former matrimonial home.

Jones claims he snapped after he saw a photo of himself in the house, with 'Pin the tail on the X' written beside it, the Sun reports.

He told the court he stabbed her nine times in the chest and three times in the arm with a kitchen knife, before ringing 999 and telling the operator, "I don't want her to die, I love her to bits."

Police surgeon Dr Alistair Irvine examined Jones after his arrest and told the court he saw no sign of mental illness.

The doctor said Jones told him he had been depressed but was not at the time and was not taking medication for it.

"His level of distress was a reactive response to the situation he found himself in," Irvine said.

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