Schoolchildren in Malaysia were seen in a newly released video screaming and being sprayed with water after they were thrown in a snake pit during a motivational camp reportedly organized by their school and the Malaysian Civil Defense Department.

The Independent newspaper reported that the children, about 10 years old, were exposed to the snakes as part of a “team-building” exercise at their camp. As they try to climb out, a person can be seen on video spraying them with a hose.

Four coaches and six assistants were suspended for their role in the exercise, the country’s civil defense department said.

“We regret that this has happened,” Selamat Dahalan, a director-general from the department said. “This is an individual act and not sanctioned by the department. In fact, it is against our standard operating procedure to have such training for primary school children.”

Children were reportedly informed that the pit contained two pythons and the Independent reported that at least one more snake was seen being tossed in during the video.

“The one showed in the video is nothing like what we have conducted before,” he said. “There should not be any water spraying or making the kids wade in a muddy pit—let alone involving a snake.”

Officials promised to meet with the parents after an investigation.