Los Angeles animal rights group that set online trap for Canadian 'cannibal killer' refutes published report

A London tabloid's account of how Canadian 'cannibal killer' Luka Rocco Magnotta had set up a YouTube account where he "liked" a news story about an unsolved Los Angeles body parts murder was refuted Thursday by a Los Angeles-based animal rights group.

A spokesperson for Last Chance For Animals (LCA) contacted Foxnews.com after the story appeared in The Sun to say the reporting  was false, and that Magnotta was snared by the organization's Special Investigation Unit's online-sting operation.

LCA said in a press release: "During the course of this investigation, contact was made with several individuals who may have been Luka, or close associates of Luka. That information was turned over to Law Enforcement."

Magnotta, who is currently in a Berlin jail cell awaiting extradition to Canada, allegedly ate parts of his victim, 33-year-old Montreal student Lin Jun, before mailing a hand and a foot to the offices of two of Canada's main political parties.

Magnotta apparently posted a video of the killing online that shows him stabbing a man to death with an ice pick while a background track plays a song from the film "American Psycho."

Montreal police Wednesday took over the investigation into human remains sent to two Vancouver schools to determine if they were related to Magnotta. The new body parts -- a right hand and a right foot -- arrived at the two West Coast schools Tuesday.

And fears of copycat pranksters were sparked Wednesday after a fake foot was found in a Montreal neighborhood.

No immediate reports have been presented to confirm whether Magnotta was watching the videos produced by LCA's SIU.