Long-Sought Grandson Of Argentina's Activist Emerges 36 Years After 'Dirty War'

A provincial music teacher in Argentina is making his first public appearance since he was dramatically identified as the long-sought grandson of the country's leading human rights activist.

Ignacio Hurban was identified this week as the grandson of Estela de Carlotto. The activist spent 36 years searching for the child taken from her daughter, who was executed by the military during the country's "dirty war."

Hurban and De Carlotto were speaking to the media Friday at the headquarters of the group she founded, Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

De Carlotto led the campaign to find hundreds of children taken from people killed by security forces and given to families who sympathized with the government during the 1976-83 dictatorship.

The circumstances of Hurban's apparently illegal adoption have not been disclosed.

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