London terror attacks: What we know so far

Terrorism struck London Saturday after a vehicle veered off the road and mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and gunshots rang out amid reports of knife attacks at nearby Borough Market. The Islamic State claimed it was responsible, but offered no proof.

Here is what we know about the terror attacks so far:

  • London police said they have identified the three assailants in the weekend’s terror attacks, but are withholding it until it is “operationally possible” to release it.
  • Police said the assailants were shot and killed after ramming pedestrians with a van on London Bridge, then jumping out of the vehicle to stab pedestrians in Borough Market.
  • The death toll in the attacks stood at seven as of Monday. Nearly 50 others were injured and about 20 remain critically injured.
  • British Prime Minister May said Monday that 11 remained held over the attacks.
  • A neighbor of one of the suspects in the London terror attacks said he was an "affable person" with young children in an interview with Sky News. Damien Pettit said he was someone who had tried to help in the community, including doing work with the homeless. "If it is him, it's not the person we know," he told Sky News.
  • London Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Rowley said eight police officers fired "an unprecedented number" of bullets at the three men suspected of carrying out the attacks. Rowley said during a news conference on Sunday that the officers fired 50 rounds at the men, striking and wounding a member of the public in the process. The injured civilian's injuries are not believed to be critical and there will be an independent investigation.
  • The victims included people from Canada, France and Australia, according to officials in those countries. A Spaniard was also missing.