Lebanon's Hezbollah punishes official over parliament spat

A Lebanese politician says Hezbollah's top commanding body has decided to suspend the political activities of a leading legislator because of his spat with rival politicians in Parliament last week.

Legislator Sami Gemayel, who heads the Christian Phalange party, said last week that Hezbollah's wide influence was seen when it got its ally elected president in 2016.

Hezbollah legislator Nawaf Musawi responded saying "it's an honor" for the Lebanese that President Michel Aoun came to his post alongside "the rifle of the resistance," a reference to the Islamic militant group, and "not on an Israeli tank."

Musawi's last reference was to late President-elect Bashir Gemayel who was assassinated in 1982 days after being elected during Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

Gemayel's son, Nadim, an MP, called Musawi's statements "unacceptable."