Lebanon judge indicts 3 over Australian kids' abduction

Lebanon's state-run news agency says a judge has indicted three people in the case of a botched attempt to kidnap two Australian-Lebanese children caught up in a custody battle earlier this year.

Judge Rami Amin charged Sally Faulkner, the children's Australian mother, and two British men with forceful kidnapping, a charge punishably by up to 15 years imprisonment.

Faulkner and an Australian TV crew were detained and charged over the attempt to seize the children from their Lebanese father in April. They were released on bail later the same month and have since returned to Australia.

Adam Whittington, a British-Australian, and a British colleague remain in custody.

Whittington heads the British-based child recovery agency and is alleged to have masterminded the plot. He is appealing his indictment.