Latino and black students in Nevada barricade themselves in classroom to protest teachers' racist remarks, they say

Teenagers who barricaded themselves and a teacher in a Las Vegas classroom say they were protesting racist comments.

Teacher Tiffany Dickerson says she told the Valley High School 10th-graders on Thursday morning that she was leaving after administrators retaliated against her. She says she filed a complaint about other teachers making disparaging remarks about black and Hispanic students.

School District Police Capt. Ken Young says students were upset to learn it was Dickerson's last day and decided to protest by piling desks against the door.

He says the protest was peaceful and lasted about 20 minutes. No one was hurt or arrested.

The Clark County School District classifies Dickerson as a first-year, long-term substitute. They say her claims are unsubstantiated and did not comment directly on the personnel matter.

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