Kosovo: runoffs for most mayors, governing parties lead

Early results show Kosovo's governing coalition parties leading in municipal elections but runoffs will still be needed to decide most of the winners.

Preliminary results Monday show that 28 out of 38 mayors will be decided in Nov. 19 runoffs.

Election authorities said less than 44 percent of about 1.9 million voters cast ballots to elect mayors for 38 municipalities and some 1,000 town hall lawmakers.

Resembling results of June parliamentary elections, representatives of the four right-wing governing political parties are leading in a third of the mayoral posts.

In Pristina, the capital, the candidate for the left-wing Self-Determination Party, the biggest opposition party in parliament, had the most votes, but not enough to avoid a runoff.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, but Serbia doesn't recognize the move.