Kim Jong Un broadcasts 'Master Chef'-style cooking competition while North Korea starves

Cheese-chomping despot Kim Jong Un held a “Master Chef”-style competition to find North Korea’s top cooks as millions across the nation starve.

The Emmental-obsessed dictator gave the show, which was broadcast on state TV, the green light despite an estimated two-thirds of the country’s 27 million people surviving on food rations.

The Commie connoisseur developed a love of European cheeses and fine wines when he went to school in Switzerland.

But the tubby tyrant was served decidedly different fare during the contest as competitors served up terrapin stew and grey mullet fish soup.

More than 1,000 people entered the competition, with the Pyongyang Times reporting: “The festival was comprised of the exhibitions of gastrological [sic] hits, famous and local special dishes and compulsory dishes and the technical contest and demonstration of top chefs and waiters and waitresses.

“The participants presented famous local and foreign dishes and specialties of their units and local areas.”

The TV menu did include some European dining options including pizza and spaghetti as well as a five-pheasant dish and “broccoli five ways.”

The obese Kim, 33, reportedly has had health problems as a result of his portly frame, with reports suggesting he may be suffering from gout as he now walks with a limp.

Defectors from the Communist country believe he is fattening himself up to look like his grandfather, Eternal President Kim Il-sung, who is still the reclusive county’s head of state despite having been dead since 1994.

Amnesty International says recent reductions in state handouts have “severely threatened” the majority of the starving nation’s chances of getting enough food.

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