Kenyans hold protest to demand more security 3 days after bus massacre

Hundreds of Kenyans are demonstrating in downtown Nairobi to demand that the government do more to increase security.

The demonstration Tuesday comes three days after Somali al-Shabab militants hijacked a bus in northern Kenya and killed 28 non-Muslims onboard. Protesters held red crosses to remember those killed in terror attacks.

Kenya has been fighting insecurity by Islamic extremists for years. Militants allied with al-Shabab have carried out numerous attacks in Kenya. Those attacks have led Kenyan authorities to shut down mosques and arrest Muslim leaders. Human rights groups accuse the police of killing some Muslim leaders, which critics charge only perpetuates the cycle of violence.

Newton Kidali, 30, an accountant at the demonstration, said he fears the government is encouraging extremists by closing down mosques and carrying out extra-judicial killings.