A Kenyan man was remanded in custody Monday for the alleged murder of his British girlfriend, whose charred body was found on a roadside in Kenya's tourist Indian Ocean coast region.

Risley Levers Kavu was arrested over the weekend in connection with the gruesome murder of Natalie Kelsall, 24, whose burnt body was found in the district of Mombasa, Kenya's main port city.

Judge Martin Muya ordered Kavu be held in prison to allow psychological examinations before charges or any plea is made, with the next court appearance due October 4.

Kelsall is believed to have been a long-time resident of Kenya.

Prosecution lawyer Jami Yamina said that blood stained clothes and a car suspected to have been used to transport the body were awaiting forensic examination.

"Witnesses have not recorded statements," he said, adding that investigations are continuing.