Jose Baez on Casey Anthony, Geraldo's Advice & His Legacy

Jose Baez says he's no Johnny Cochran.

"I'm different," said Baez.

The lawyer for the case that was probably the most captivating since the O.J. Simpson trial sat down with Fox New Latino and talked about his famous client, Casey Anthony, and his legacy.

In 2008, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her mother over a month after she was last seen. Anthony was eventually arrested and charged with first-degree murder. After a six-month trial that made Baez into a household name, Anthony was acquitted of all charges and was released from prison.

In the court of public opinion, she was guilty. And there was worldwide outrage when the charges were dropped. She went into hiding and it was Baez who incurred the wrath.

Baez, who released a new book called "Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony, The Inside Story," was vilified by members of the media and scrutinized by critics.

"Geraldo is actually the one that told me it's a bloodsport out there," Baez told Fox News Latino on being in such a high profile case. "I don't think the description could be any better than that."

In his interview with Fox News Latino reporter Bryan Llenas, Baez clarifies the reports on the plea bargain that was considered, talks about the advice he received from Geraldo and whether or not his career will always be tied to this case.

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