Jailed Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Ceballos ends hunger strike after 20 days

Jailed Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Ceballos has called off his hunger strike after 20 days.

His attorney, Juan Carlos Gutierrez, said Thursday that Ceballos' demands had been partially met. He was striking with fellow jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez to demand that the government set a date for parliamentary elections and release jailed politicians like themselves who human rights groups consider political prisoners.

Ceballos' lawyer and wife had warned that his health was deteriorating badly. On Wednesday, Venezuelan Episcopal Conference president Diego Padron said Ceballos was having trouble with his kidneys.

Ceballos and Lopez are in separate prisons, held on charges related to supporting the 2014 anti-government protests that left dozens dead.

It's unclear which of their demands have been partially met and whether Lopez will continue to fast.