Italy complains about Vienna pub's Panini making fun of its heroes slain by Sicilian Mafia

Italy has complained to Austrian authorities about a Vienna pub selling Panini named after Mafia bosses as well as other sandwiches that make light of Italians slain by Sicilian mobsters.

The foreign ministry said Saturday that Italy's charge d'affaires in Vienna "intervened to sensitize" local authorities, including the city of Vienna and the economy ministry.

Italy said news of the menu with its "poor taste" upset Italians in Vienna and public opinion in Italy. Naming a sandwich for Giovanni Falcone, a prosecutor killed by a Mafia bombing in 1992 and saying on the menu Falcone was "grilled" like a wurstel highly offended his memory and is "unacceptable," the ministry said.

The Don Panino pub's site says it is closed on Saturdays. Austrian foreign ministry media officers weren't answering their phone.