Sunny skies, the sound of waves rolling into the shore and ... dead bodies.

Just another day at the beach for some people in Italy.

Two foreigners died Monday on beaches in Italy, but beachgoers appeared unfazed at the sight of the dead bodies, which were covered with sheets before being taken by emergency services, The Telegraph reports.

In the resort region of Formia, outside Naples, 78-year-old Russian Valentina Rausman died in the water after a suspected heart attack. Beachgoers were seen afterwards playing with balls and reading newspapers a few yards from her body.

In Calabria, Abdur Abdurhaman, a 19-year-old Moroccan, drowned at sea, The Telegraph reports. A group of teenagers was seen playing soccer in the background.

"The people who behaved like that should be ashamed of themselves," said Sandro Bartolomeo, the mayor of the Formia region.

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