Israel's Netanyahu and his wife facing new scandal over bloated expenses in their residence

With Israeli elections looming and the region in turmoil, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself once more enmeshed in a gossipy scandal.

Israel's government watchdog, the state comptroller, is releasing a report on Tuesday into possible financial malfeasance at the prime minister's residence and his wife is being criticized for pettiness and possible security breaches after a video was aired in which she complained about the shabbiness of the official residence's kitchen.

The Netanyahus are no strangers to such scrutiny. The prime minister has long been saddled with an image as a cigar-smoking, cognac-drinking socialite, while his wife has come under fire for her own expensive tastes and alleged abusive behavior toward staff.

The Netanyahus have accused the Israeli media of a longstanding witch hunt against them.