Israel's high court delays jail sentence of Palestinian man convicted of rape by deception

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's Supreme Court has delayed the imprisonment of a Palestinian man convicted of rape by deception.

A lower court had found Sabber Qashor guilty and said he had told the woman he had sex with that he was Jewish, single and interested in a serious relationship. Qashor is appealing his 18-month sentence.

His lawyer, Elkana Laist, said Tuesday that Qashor's sentence is being held up pending the high court's decision on his appeal.

Qashor says he introduced himself by his Jewish Israeli nickname but never told the woman he was Jewish. He acknowledged saying he was single and suggesting he wanted a serious tie. The two had sex shortly after they met.

Qashor agreed to the conviction as part of a plea bargain. The woman originally accused him of forcible rape.