Israeli President Shimon Peres' office says the 88-year-old is "feeling well" after undergoing surgery Friday for a hernia discovered during his state visit to Canada earlier in the week

Peres spokesman Ayelet Frisch says that the hernia was discovered halfway through the president's week-long trip that started last Sunday.

She said Peres' personal physician Dr. Rafi Valden treated him during the visit. Peres continued with his work schedule in Canada as planned, Frisch said, giving interviews and meeting officials who did not know about his condition.

Peres returned to Israel as scheduled Friday afternoon and was taken to a hospital near Tel Aviv for surgery soon after landing, Frisch said.

"The operation was fully successful and the president is awake and feeling well," she said after the procedure. "President Peres will remain at Tel Hashomer hospital over the weekend and is expected to be released on Sunday," she said.

Peres, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, is known for his long work days and busy schedule.

Peres was elected to parliament on the Labor Party ticket in 1959 and held a succession of Israel's most senior posts, including the premiership and the defense and foreign affairs portfolios. He is associated with generally dovish policies.

In 2007, he was elected for a seven-year term in the nonpartisan, largely ceremonial office of president.