Israeli immigration officials on Thursday interrogated for an hour a senior Jewish-American executive of a group that raises money for dovish causes on her arrival in Tel Aviv.

Later, Jennifer Gorovitz, from the New Israel Fund, said she was questioned about her non-governmental organization's activities.

"It was humiliating and emotionally scarring to find that, although I am a Jew and a Zionist, I might not be allowed into the country because I do not adhere to the government's ultra-right-wing ideology," Gorovitz said in a statement.

According to the NGO, Gorovitz noticed the interviewer had a document with information about her with the term BDS highlighted. It said Gorovitz told the officer "NIF does not support BDS" but that it "funds Israeli organizations that work toward human rights, democracy and equality for all Israelis."

An international movement known BDS calls for boycotts, sanctions and divestment from Israel in what it calls a nonviolent struggle against the Jewish State over its policies toward Palestinians. Israel says BDS' goal is to destroy the country, and it has identified the movement as a serious threat.

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said the ministry later apologized to Gorovitz over any "unpleasantness" she may have experienced but not over the questioning itself.

Haddad said the questions were about Gorovitz's numerous visits to the country and were not connected to BDS.

In December, a foreign activist involved in efforts to boycott Israel was denied entrance to the country.