The Israel Defense Forces said they arrested a top Hamas leader during a raid in the West Bank early Wednesday.

Sheikh Jamal Tawil is allegedly linked to a number of suicide bombings and has been arrested by Israel multiple times. 

"Tawil is a senior figure in the Hamas terror group in the West Bank, who recently took an active part in organizing riots, inciting violence and reforming Hamas’s headquarters in Ramallah," the IDF said in a statement, according to The Times of Israel. 

Hamas responded to the arrest by saying it would not "silence" the group’s voice in the region. 

"The sons of Hamas and its commanders are all soldiers of the resistance, and they will continue the path of freedom and liberation whatever the sacrifices," the statement said.

Palestinians stand among the rubble of a building that collapsed after it was hit by airstrikes during an 11-day war between Gaza's Hamas rulers and Israel, in Maghazi, Gaza Strip, Wednesday, June 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Israel has cracked down on Hamas since the Israel-Gaza conflict last month, arresting 10 activists just on May 20, according to The Times

This week Hamas called for Palestinians to exhibit a "Day of rage" against Israeli treatment on Friday. This comes amid a ceasefire between the two sides. 


Hundreds of people, mostly Palestinian, died during the 11-day conflict last month.