ISIS recruits complain of cleaning toilets, iPod woes

Cleaning toilets. Transporting dead bodies. Finding out your iPod no longer works.

Wannabe young jihadists who have flocked to the Middle East to join the Islamic State terror group are finding out that life there is not what they expected.

In a series of letters analyzed by France’s Le Figaro newspaper, some of the 376 French fighters in ISIS’ ranks in Syria are begging for advice on how to return home, according to The Telegraph.

"I'm fed up. My iPod doesn't work anymore here. I have to come back,” wrote one fighter.

"I've basically done nothing except hand out clothes and food," said another, in the Syrian city of Aleppo. "I also help clean weapons and transport dead bodies from the front. Winter's arrived here. It's begun to get really hard."

A group of lawyers in France are trying to make contact with anti-terrorist police, the directors of internal security and the Office of the Interior Minister to try and persuade authorities to let the jihadists return, The Telegraph reports.

Of the approximately 100 jihadists who have found their way back to France from the Middle East, 76 are in prison.

In India, Areeb Majeed, 23, was arrested returning to Mumbai on Friday after spending nearly six months with militants in Iraq.

The ISIS recruit said he was completely ignored by his superiors and asked to clean the toilets and gather water for those fighting Iraqi forces, The Times of India reports.

"There was neither a holy war nor any of the preachings in the holy book were followed,” Majeed reportedly told officials from India’s National Investigation Agency.

“ISIS fighters raped many a woman there," he added.