In a new example of Islamic State barbarity, a member of the terror group killed his mother in a public execution in Syria, it was reported Friday.

Ali Saqr, 21, is said to have killed his mother in front of several hundred people for what ISIS called apostasy, or abandoning a political belief, The New York Times reported. The newspaper cited the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a second group known as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which has been monitoring the Syrian war through sources on the ground there.

The man's mother was identified by Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently as Lena al-Qasem, reportedly 47. She is said to have urged her son to leave the Islamic State and flee Raqqa, the paper reported.

Saqr, a Syrian, is then said to have reported her comments to ISIS leaders who declared that she was guilty of apostasy and ordered her killed, according to The Times.

The activists said the execution took place Wednesday near a post office building where the woman worked.

“His mother spoke with him and asked him to leave ISIS and leave Raqqa to go to a different area of Syria and Turkey,” Rami Abddulrahman of the Syrian Observatory told the Washington Post Friday. “…After that he told ISIS and, one, two, three, they arrest his mother.”

ISIS is known for recording its macabre executions and posting them online, but Abdulrahman told the Post he was not aware the killing was videotaped.

It’s not the first time an ISIS extremist has killed a parent on the group’s order. The Times reported that an ISIS fighter killed his Lebanese father last year. The father reportedly had gone to Raqqa to bring his son home.

The Syrian Observatory reported on Dec. 29 that ISIS had executed more than 2,000 Syrian civilians since June 2014, Reuters reported.

Raqqua is Being Slaughtered Silently tweeted photos of Saqr.