Iraqi officials: Roadside bomb kills 4 Shiite militiamen; bombing kills 3 near Baghdad market

Officials say bombs in Iraq have killed seven people, including four Shiite militiamen who answered a government call to confront Sunni militants from the Islamic State group.

Police officials say a roadside bomb targeted a militiamen convoy on Friday, killing four fighters and wounding seven in the area of Iskandariyah, just south of Baghdad.

Iraqi troops and Shiite militiamen have joined forces in a bid to fight the Islamic State group, which has seized large swaths of land in the country' north and west.

Police also say that a bomb went off near an outdoor market in Baghdad's Shiite district of Obeidi, killing three shoppers and wounding 12.

Medical officials confirmed the casualties. All officials spoke of condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the media.