Iran may allow representatives from nonaligned nations to visit a military site that the United Nations nuclear watchdog suspects has housed nuclear experiments, a website quoted Tehran's deputy foreign minister as saying on Monday.

"Iran is ready for such a visit," Mohammad Mahdi Akhoundzadeh told state-owned yjc.ir news when asked about a possible trip by delegates from the so-called Non-Aligned Movement to the Parchin military complex.

Access for diplomats and others to the base would be an attempt by Iran to show openness during the gathering of the 120-nation group it is hosting this week, but it would certainly not satisfy U.N. demands. The gathering ends Friday.

U.N. nuclear inspectors have been pressing for wider access to Parchin, southeast of Tehran, to probe suspicions that Iran carried out explosive tests with possible nuclear trigger applications.

The West suspects Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Tehran denies the charge.