Iran pro-reform candidate says state TV cuts off his broadcast

The spokesman for a pro-reform Iranian presidential candidate says state television cut off his campaign broadcast unexpectedly, citing technical problems.

Mohammad Reza Aref is one of two pro-reform candidates cleared by the Islamic Republic's constitutional watchdog, the Guardian Council, to run in June 14 elections.

Most other approved candidates were hard-liners, while their most charismatic challengers, including centrist Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, were disqualified.

Witnesses say Aref's Monday campaign pitch on the Jam-e Jam channel was stopped 15 minutes after it started, while he was saying he would make use of Rafsanjani's "experience" if he became president.

Aref spokesman Hasan Rasouli spokesman said the candidate would seek "clarification" and ask that the program be rebroadcast.

Jam-e Jam, which is aimed at Iranians living abroad, could not immediately be reached for comment.