Investigators allege St Lucia police had 'death list,' staged scenes at police shootings

St. Lucia's prime minister says independent investigators are alleging that the island's police force maintained a "death list" of people deemed to be criminals and planted guns at the scenes of police shootings.

In a national address late Sunday, Kenny Anthony says a team of Jamaican investigators has delivered an "extremely damning" report looking at the deaths of 12 people fatally shot by police in 2010 and 2011, while another administration was in power.

The Jamaican investigators were invited by the government after the U.S. withdrew assistance to St. Lucia's police.

Quoting from the report, Anthony says investigators found that all the shootings reviewed were "staged by the police to legitimize their actions" and guns were planted by officers.

The killings occurred during a security initiative called "Operation Restore Confidence."