International watchdog warns of Shiite rebels' assaults on journalists in Yemeni capital

An international watchdog has expressed concern over increasing attacks on journalists in the Yemeni capital by armed Shiite rebels who swept into Sanaa and took control of the city over the weekend.

Reporters Without Borders said in a statement Thursday that the Hawthi rebel group has created a "climate of terror," forcing journalists to go into hiding or self-censor their work to avoid reprisals.

Since the Hawthis overran Sanaa, defeating Sunni Islamist fighters, they have carried out retaliatory attacks on their Sunni foes, Sunni-associated media, military bases and installations.

Reporters Without Borders says the crisis — including attacks on media and journalists — is "not only jeopardizing Yemen's political transition but is also a source of deep concern for the future of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of information."