HUNT FOR MH370: 'White object' spotted in the waters off Reunion Island

An Air France pilot spotted a 'white object' Tuesday in the waters off Reunion Island, prompting search teams to investigate a wide area about 35 nautical miles off the island's coast.

A pilot on a following plane in the area, however, did not report seeing the object. The Air France pilot who spotted the object was flying at  an altitude of about 10,000 feet and could not give specific coordinates.

News of the sighting comes about two weeks after French investigators formally identified a piece of airplane debris found in July as part of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- the Boeing 777 that vanished more than a year ago with 239 people aboard.

Investigative teams have been searching the Indian Ocean about 2,600 miles east of the island, where experts believe the plane crashed. Authorities have been studying currents to try to estimate where the plane could have moved.

Linden Burns, an aviation expert, told Fox News that it is "conceivable" that the most recent sighting could be part of an aircraft. He estimated that the object could be a part of the wing if it was empty of fuel.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.