Hungary seeking to tighten southern border with Serbia to stem rising flow of migrants

Officials say that Hungary will take steps to tighten its southern border with Serbia to stem the rising flow of migrants and asylum seekers.

Lajos Kosa, vice chairman of the governing Fidesz party, said in Tuesday's Napi Gazdasag newspaper that while there would be no fence at the border, migrants "simply will not be allowed in."

Hungary has received about 50,000 asylum requests so far this year, compared to 43,000 in 2014.

Most asylum seekers now are from Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq and quickly move further west in Europe before their cases are assessed.

Antal Rogan, head of the Fidesz parliamentary group, said Hungary would like to return to its earlier practice, changed upon pressure from the European Union, of taking into custody all those caught crossing the border illegally.