Huge Philippine charity walk for Typhoon Haiyan survivors breaks 2 Guinness records

A Guinness World Records official says a Philippine Christian sect has broken two records for staging the largest charity walk to raise funds for survivors of last year's Typhoon Haiyan.

Guinness adjudicator Kirsty Bennett says 175,509 Iglesia ni Cristo members turned up for the charity walk in Manila on Saturday. They beat a record set in Singapore, where 77,500 people joined a walk in 2000 to promote healthy living.

Bennett told a news conference Sunday that Iglesia ni Cristo members staged the walk in 28 other countries, with participants reaching 519,221 worldwide, breaking another record for the largest charity walk in multiple venues. The previous record was set in Canada, where 231,635 people joined a 2007 charity walk at various sites.

The November typhoon killed more than 6,200 people.