BERLIN, Germany -- Sometimes lovers say they want to rip off one another's adorable faces, but they usually follow that up with a squeal and a kiss, not by actually dismembering the beloved.

Not so, it would appear, in Berlin, where police on Wednesday said they found the chopped up body parts of Carsten Srock strewn about the apartment of his sometimes-sexual partner, a man identified by police as Michael S, according to local reports cited by The Local.

Prosecutors told Berliner Zeitung they think Srock was “murdered for sexual pleasure" in a ghastly crime The Local said has shaken Berlin's gay community.

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Paramedics were confronted with Srock's rotting, plastic-wrapped body parts when they responded to an emergency call from Michael S., who tried to commit suicide in the apartment. He has allegedly confessed to the murder, according to reports.

Police also found Srock's head cut off and partially cooked. (The Local unfortunately misplaced modifiers in its account, saying: "His head was found, partially cooked, by the police." Presumably the police were not involved in the sordid affair.)

The 37-year-old bank manager was reported missing in January, having disappeared after finishing his part-time shift at a Berlin gay sauna disturbingly called "Boiler," said The Local.

A police spokesman told the newspaper Die Welt that the two had allegedly decided to play sex games before intercourse and an autopsy confirmed that they had taken part in sexual activity together shortly before the crime.

The spokesperson said investigators quickly narrowed the search "down to the 43-year-old Michael S," and issued a warrant for his arrest on Tuesday.