Holy Tree! Virgin Mary Spotted on Bark

Hundreds of people have been visiting a tree in West New York, N.J., because they say they see the image of the Virgin Mary carved into the bark.

A woman fist spied the small carving, measuring about 6 inches in length, on Tuesday. Now hundreds of people are coming by just to take a glimpse of the carving.

By nightfall on Tuesday, word began to spread and the faithful began to gather -- so much so police that had to put up barricades and station several officers there.

People here believe this carving resembles the Roman Catholic miracle known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, a vision of the virgin that appeared in Mexico.

Many in the crowd told Fox 5 that they believe the carving also holds mystical powers.

However others say the carving looks painted on or is the result of a tree branch falling off.

But people here say if you want to see what they see, you simply have to believe.

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