Hero cop survives after shooting terrorist at Turkey airport, local media reports

The death toll from Tuesday’s terror massacre could have been even greater if not for the actions of at least two hero cops who were being treated at Turkish hospitals Wednesday morning, according to local media reports.

One of the officers, identified as Yasin Durna by Haberler.com, is seen in CCTV footage shooting a terrorist as the attacker fires a weapon while running through one of the terminals at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. Durna’s shot downs the terrorist, and the man’s gun skids across the terminal floor, out of reach. The attacker writhes on the ground as Durna approaches. Durna initially walks up to the man, but then begin frantically running away, possibly because he sees the militant is wearing a suicide bomb vest.

Durna is out of frame on the video for several seconds when the terrorist blows himself up.

But Durna apparently survived the blast, only requiring surgery for a spleen injury at a state hospital, Haberler.com reported. The wound was not considered life-threatening.

Another officer, named as Ahmet Berker, was wounded by terrorist gunfire and was in serious condition at Bagcilar Training and Research Hospital, Haberler.com reported.

The coordinated assault by three attackers on the Istanbul transit hub killed at least 42 and injured 238. Investigators suspect ISIS is responsible; however, no group had claimed credit for the attack Wednesday morning.